cucinaAlchimia is a collaboration at the intersection of art, craft, and cuisine, with an alchemical approach to fusion cuisine heavily influenced by the synergies between objects and food. “Dirty Fries, Clean Hands” is cucinaAlchimia’s project transforming used frying oil into a unique soap collection. Guests’ consumption of fries and churros helped create 70 soap pieces, thanks to Katharina Muellner’s leadership. This marks cucinaAlchimia’s start in turning kitchen waste into effective cleansers, revitalizing discarded materials. Each soap comes with a handmade ceramic dish and wrapped in paper, mirroring its origins and the repurposing process. The dish echoes the shape of fries bowls, and the semi-transparent paper banderole secures the soap, describing its creation. The banderole’s design adopts an approach characterized by rawness and ongoing development, being crafted to resemble freshly printed sheets, complete with crop marks and color bars.

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